Less than Container Load

Shiptoislands.com main focus and business model has been geared to offer cargo consolidation services. So we handle mainly the LCL shipments for customers. We can combine shipments from various suppliers into one Bill of Lading or ship separately as the customer prefers.

Shiptoislands.com is not tied into the fixed schedule of a single Vessel operation and can offer its customers multiple options and fastest transit employing the most effective Shipping Line serving a particular Trade lane. In fact, combining the schedules of various Carriers through the Caribbean region, we do offer multiple sailings a week to some destinations, a significant value-added for customers.

Our fully computerized logistics and use of scanning technology provides speed and accuracy of cargo handling and processing as well as real time tracking for our customers.

Shiptoislands.com maintain a direct communication and relationship with its customers, providing up to date information on shipments from booking; pick up, receiving, liaison for shipping instructions and shipping to destination. This allows customers direct participation in the logistics process and visibility of the status of their shipments in process at all times.

We pride ourselves on fast, accurate handling of our customers’ shipments and cost beneficial shipping for our customers.