Air Cargo

The ever increasing pace of business in today’s Internet age makes it critical for businesses large and small to ensure that they are ‘first to market’ with their products and/or minimize downtime when a facility is down or able to ensure that ‘hot moving’ items are in stock.

Shiptoisland has geared its Air cargo services to ensure that it can meet the needs of all customers for their time sensitive items. The following are our core offerings.


Regular Air Cargo – Using Direct Freighter aircraft service – with Carriers Globally

Courier Services – Door Delivery in partnership with CSF Couriers and several other Courier Services
Shiptoislands has a dedicated Air cargo team in place with the expertise, connections and relationships to ‘make things happen’ in the fast paced air cargo environment. This team is fully trained and employs whatever resources are needed to coordinate, pick up and air lift critical items for our customers. We use both in-house and third party relationships as necessary and have created a network of providers that are equally knowledgeable and capable in handling items of a critical nature.

Of course, our Air cargo team is geared to handle all aspects of air cargo shipments, including consolidation and repackaging as per customer preference. We hire fully trained certified hazmat specialists to handle Dangerous Goods (DG), ensure special packaging and documents/checklists needed to facilitate the stringent requirements of Regulators for transport by Air Cargo.

Our computerized systems allow for fast, easy and accurate documentation for Air cargo shipments and the preparation of the Master Airway bill for all major Carriers and House airway bills to reflect the special rates and services offered to our clients Our system provides for customers to track their cargo from receipt at our warehouse to arrival at destination.

Our strategy is to establish contract rates and preferential space allocation on most of the major Carriers serving our core markets within the Caribbean. We combine the schedules of multiple Carriers to a given market and offer our customers increased frequency at competitive rates. The following are some markets served.
Trinidad: Amerijet 5 x week
Guyana: Amerijet 1 x week
Barbados: AMERIJET – 1 x week
Jamaica: AMERIJET – 1 x week

Courier – Door Delivery:
Many of our customers prefer to pay for a fast service that has the added convenience of customs clearance and delivery directly to their door. This is especially needed with business people who are very busy with running their own business and do not want the hassles and time demanding by customs processes and handling/transportation. in partnership with CSF Couriers offer this seamless service to pick up/receive, ship, clear and deliver your packages directly to your door. This convenience is now extended by using as your USA delivery address for On-line purchases on the Internet. We notify you by email on receipt and based on your instructions we send them by CSF Couriers service or by our Air cargo service as you prefer.

A key convenience, order and track the package from Supplier to your Door.

You can count on as your best Air Cargo Provider to handle all of your time critical shipments whether on a scheduled Carrier or Special Charter